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Release a new song every three months!

  Subscribe to our Youtube channel! A lot of people don't realize how important it is to market and promote your song especially marketing. Now who are you marketing to think about that, who I've mentioned this before, but who are you trying to get your music to? To buy or to stream it? Is it the 30 plus crowd? Is it the 13 and up crowd? Is that the 65 plus crowd? Are you like an old school rock and roller? Or are you in for the younger generation, you got to get to this market. And a lot of people have this misconception that, you know, if they make a great catchy song, it's just going to basically market itself and promote itself. Once people hear it, they're going to be like, Oh my god, but that is very wrong. And you should not just think like that it takes time to market and promote a song, it's most likely not going to happen overnight. It's probably not going to happen in a week or even a month unless you get really lucky and something just takes

Should you upload your music to Audius?

Subscribe to our Youtube channel! Audius is a free music streaming platform that lets you upload your music and promote it.  Visit Download the free Music Business Plan guide for free now! Try Tunecore now and get 20% off your first release with them using the link below. Bandzoogle makes it easy to build a stunning website for your music in minutes. Choose from hundreds of mobile-friendly themes, then customize your design and content in a few clicks with Bandzoogle’s easy visual editor. Use the link below to 15% off your first year with us. To get 100 free spins at Jango Streaming Radio, use this link . The Songwriter’s Planner or “Pitch” is the first non-dated weekly planner specifically designed to help aspiring singer-songwriters stay organized, live a goal oriented lifestyle, promote creativity, motivate and nurture musical aspirations. Perf