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The benefits of signing with a publishing company

If you are a songwriter, or a music producer, it could be very beneficial to your music career. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel-------------------------------> To learn more about music publishing, visit

How to look like a major label, on an indie budget

It is very important to look professional so that you stand out in this crowded world filled with artists and bands. Here are some amazing tips. Subscibe to our Youtube channel----------------> Get out Ebook for more amazing tips on how to release an album. Visit

Use this tip to promote your music, and gain new fans

Sometimes you have to think outside the box when promoting your music. These days, there are so many bands and artists spamming their music to everyone, that you must stand out from the crowd. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel on the right--------------------------------> Get our Ebook at for excellent music promotion tips.

Take these important steps, when releasing an album

Releasing your own music is a huge effort. To do it properly, be sure to take these important steps to make sure your music gets a smooth release. Subscribe to out Youtube channel----------> Get our Ebook on how to release your own album, at

How releasing a "Greatest Hits" album can get new fans!

By releasing a "Greatest Hits" album, you can introduce new fans, to you back catalog of songs. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel----------------------------------------------> Get our Ebook "Release Your Own Music: A Step by Step Guide", at

Having the right people around you is important

If you want a solid career in music, you must have the right people around you, that will have your best interest in mind! Subscribe to our Youtube channel-------------------------------> Get our Ebook "A Step By Step Guide To Release Your Own Music" at

How to promote your music to radio

When pushing your music to radio, there are certain song formats you should use. Sending your "single" to radio in these formats can help you get more exposure. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel-------------------> Get our Ebook at