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The importance of having a well mixed song!

If your music is not mixed well, it will be a turn off to your fans. Plus, it will make you look very amateur. You should make sure your music is mixed well, and mastered well. Subscribe to our Youtube channel on the right------------------------------> Get out Ebook at

Create music that is timeless

If you can write and produce music that is timeless, it will help your music career in the future. Subscribe to our YouTube channel on the right---------------------------------> Get our Ebook at

The truth about major record contracts!

Getting a major record deal can be a great thing, but there is also some major responsibility behind it all. Watch the video to find out more. Subscribe to our Youtube channel--------------------> Download music business contracts at

How to promote your music on social media

Promoting your music on social media can be an amazing thing, it also can be a negative thing if people think you are spamming them. Learn some tricks to marketing and promoting your music on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel on the right---------> Get the Ebook "How To Release your own music" at

How to get your music on NPR

NPR (National Public Radio) has an excellent opportunity for all artists and bands to get their music on the show "All Songs Considered". NPR is extremely popular, and this is a wonderful chance to get some exposure. Subscribe to our YouTube channel-----------------------> Learn more about music publishing at

How to bring in multiple revenue streams with your music

There are many ways to bring in money with your music. It does not end at selling CD's, and digital downloads. If you think outside the box, you can bring in many different streams of revenue. Subscribe to our YouTube channel on the right------------------> Get our Ebook at

4 reasons artists and bands fail

There are many reasons why an independent artist, or band may not get to enjoy a money making music career. Here are 4 of the top reasons why. Subscribe to our YouTube channel------> Get the Ebook at

A good website can help your music career

Having a really nice website that is easy to navigate, and useful to your fans, can really help your music career. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel on the right---------------> Get the Ebook at

Learn to mix your music better, with this tip!

Mixing a song is a skill that you get better and better at as time goes on. It is something that you must use your ears to do. Here is a tip that can help you get a better mix. Subscribe to our YouTube channel on the right-------------> For more music tips visit

How to Copyright an album!

When it is time to Copyright your hard work, do you have to Copyright each song, or can you Copyright the entire album for one fee? Watch the video and find out now! Subscribe to our YouTube channel on the right------------------------------> Get our Ebook on How To Release an Album at Copyright website is at

Writing a business plan for an album release!

Anyone in business will tell you that it is important to write up a business plan. Having a plan for either releasing an album, or starting up a record label, will help keep you on track to accomplishing your goals. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel on the right---------------------> Get the sample music business template here--

Always have a contract when doing business in music!

It is very wise to have a contract drawn up when doing any kind of business. Even if you are just an indie artist starting out, it is smart to do it, just to keep both parties to their promises. Subscribe to our YouTube channel on the right---------------------> Download music business contact templates at

How to Trademark your artist or band name

In order to protect your stage name, band name, or production company name, you must file a Trademark so that nobody else can use it. This is very important. Subscribe to our YouTube channel over on the right--------------------------> Get the Ebook at

How to network to further your music career

Networking is something you need to do in order to have an amazing music career. You never know who can help you in the future. Plus, it makes you look more professional. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel-------------------------------> Get the Ebook at

How to get your music on Pandora

Getting your music onto streaming music sites like Pandora can be an amazing opportunity for you to gain new fans. In this video, we talk about getting your music on a few different sites. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel----------------------> Get 100 free spins at Jango with this link Also, upload music to and

How to get your music placed in TV & Film

Getting your music licensed for use in TV and film is an incredible opportunity for you to not only get huge exposure for you as an artist, but it is also very good money. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel --------------------------> Get the Ebook at and get "You Music In Film" which has over 80 film industry contacts.